About Us
AMP Recording & Duplicating Service was established in 1964 as the Philadelphia area franchise of Century Custom Recording Service by Donald R. Marsh, and has grown to become a regional service, covering New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and Western Long Island's audio recording and duplicating needs. AMP R&DS is a mobile digital recording service, able to cover recording needs anywhere within the region. We serve professional, college, church, community ensembles, and individuals, as well as private and public schools and school music associations in over twenty states and Europe.

From our inception, we dedicated our efforts and resources to live ensemble recording rather than studio and multi-track project work, though our resources allow for multi-track digital recording. Our service includes all client needs, inclusive from the initial phone call to the delivered finished product -- Compact Disks or Cassettes. Our specialty is in providing high quality products for typically smaller projects, such as are needed by local or school groups for limited distribution to membership. We produce all materials in-house, although we are able to provide large quantities of materials when needed through outside vendors.

In the 1970's, the organization was renamed AMP Recording & Duplicating Service. "What does AMP stand for?" is the second most often asked question. Originally it was an acronym for Associated Marsh Productions. (The first most asked question is "When will our recordings be ready?) In 1980's, operations were assumed under the name, Tyson Enterprises, Inc., by Jerry and Jody Tyson, who continue to this time. Since it was well established by that time, the original name was retained.

As the organization has grown, so has our staff of engineers, currently including Steve Kohler from Southern New Jersey, Kevin Kohler from Maryland and others who await the call to capably serve.

Jerry Tyson is the chief engineer and manager of operations at our Maple Shade, New Jersey home office. (Maple Shade is in Burlington County, near Philadelphia.)

If you need to call our office, you will be greeted cheerfully and helped efficiently.
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